Monday, January 2, 2012

Busy Day

Today was the last day of Christmas Break so I decided to get out of the house...yes, we didn't do a single thing the whole break other than Christmas stuff.
First we went to Joe Tucker Park. How have I never been there? It's seriously like 3 minutes from my house.
Robbie had fun...

but this was about the best smile I could get from Emmett. Seriously what child doesn't like the swings?

After the parks and naps, we went to the $1.50 movie. Yes, they jacked up the price $.50. Guess I can't complain too much. We saw "Hoots in Boots." Robbie decided that it couldn't possibly be "Puss in Boots," so there you go. It was actually pretty cute and Emmett even fell asleep halfway through, which made it more enjoyable.

We got home and mom fixed up the cheesy chicken bake from the other night. She added more salsa, salt, pepper, more cheese, and, of course she couldn't resist, sour cream....It really did make all the difference and was much better this go around.

Now the kids are asleep (at least they both are until Emmett wakes up for his every 2 hour waking here shorty). I need to make Robbie's lunch, set our our clothes for tomorrow, and kiss the hubs before I go to sleep myself....or now the baby's crying so I guess I'll deal with that first.

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