Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Smelly Pants

My Robbie has encopresis.  The definition is the voluntary or involuntary passage of stools in a child who has been toilet trained (typically over age 4), which causes the soiling of clothes.  What does this mean for me?  We have poop pants twice a day.  I have been trying so hard to keep positive with him, because he can't help it.  At some point it hurt when he went potty, so he started holding it.  The muscle that sends the signal to your brain that you gotta go is so stretched that it doesn't work.

So how do I fix this?  He has to take a dose of miralax daily, has to do booty exercises, and he has to sit on the potty for 5 minutes at a time twice a day.  I have been working really hard to make sure all of this happens each and every day.  I think I do a pretty fair job but not perfect.  
I'm just ready for a week, a month, two months to pass by and I realize that he's had clean underwear all day...

Also this is causing pee issues too.  So it'd be nice to throw in a non-wet bed every morning too.  I stopped buying night pullups and just put one of Em's diapers on him.  I hate it.  But I can't afford the pullups anymore when there's no end in sight.

So I will keep forging on.  Hoping there will be an end sometime soon.
Has anyone dealt with this before?  What did you do?  I'll take any advice I can get!!