Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Un-Techie Mom

So I have this desktop and I had an HP printer but I couldn't find the software.  My BIL and sis told me to download a driver.  Ok, sure.  I tried that and a big nothing.
So they give me their scanner, printer, combo--yay!  So I plug it in and I'm immediately IMing my sister, "How to I hook it up to the computer? I have the cord with the big piece and the square piece but I don't see a place for the square piece."  After numerous googles of the back of the printer...I finally have it in--another yay!!
Oh, I forgot to mention that the reason I have a desktop and not a laptop is that I was trying to upload pics and somehow the laptop fell (me, my sons, the cat?  I dunno) directly onto the SD card.  BIL says it compromised the mother board...oops.  So I'm on the desktop.  Also that means I have to get a new SD card.  Now, about 4 months later, I bought a cheap one.  So I load it in my little, pink camera to take to soccer.  Oh....the batteries have enough life for 3 pics...!!!
BUT I got a great one showing my son acting like his nutty self on the field.  *Lightbulb* Great blog idea!  Let's upload the pic...
So into the SD card slot on the computer...nothing.  Ok, in the printer? Nothing.  I google "Canon MP470 and SD card for uploading pics to the computer."  Yes, great googling skills...There's a tutorial!!!  But it says a popup will appear after I put it in the slot.  NOPE!!
Thus the Un-Techie Mom.  I IMed my sister, but she probably glanced, laughed, and went back to sleep.  I wouldn't help me either.  I'm beyond that...
So...instead of a great pic of my non-soccer playing boy, here's something I found via Google (always. Ass my friends Steph says...you can Google everything!!)

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